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May 2011 EdTech News

On April 30, teachers and students in LAUSD came to the Los Angeles Convention Center to present to over 3,000 educators, administrators, community members and parents how they are learning with technology. Thanks to all of you for making this such an amazing event! Some teachers have shared sites of student published work. Here are some of the examples of outstanding work that our students presented at InfoTech. Bravo! Visit the entire page at:

SMARTBoard Users Group - May 12th, 4:00 - 5:30 Stevenson Middle School
Join us this Thursday for our May SMARTBoard Users Group. Educators support each other as they are learning to use the SMARTBoard in the classroom. Please share this with colleagues at your school. Please download the flyer for distribution.

EdTech Leadership Meeting - May 19th, 4:00 - 5:15 San Miguel Ave. Elementary School
Our last EdTech Leadership meeting of the year will take place next Thursday, May 19th. Bring your favorite application and strategies to share. I'll be sharing what I know about "the cloud" and storage solutions. Come join us as we learn from one another. Thanks to Carlos Gómez and Andrea Johnson, principal, at San Miguel Ave. Elementary for allowing us to meet at their school.

LAUSD and iPad Best Practices Workshops throughout the district!

Click on the COURSES tab
·      Click on CLASS OFFERINGS
·      Select EdTech under PROGRAM and click SEARCH
·      Locate and click on LAUSD iPad Best Practices
·      Click on the orange ENROLL NOW button
·      Look for an email confirmation for session information

From the course description: 
... and with thousands of apps on the App Store, you’re sure to find the perfect one. From math games to vocabulary flash cards to anatomy visualizers, there’s an app for every subject...

But how do you manage and deploy these apps? What about configuring a classroom set of Apple mobile devices to use your LAUSD wireless network? What about getting a volume discount on purchasing apps? Join Apple Education Sr. Systems Engineer Dave Douglas for an in-depth look at planning and deploying and managing iOS devices on your LAUSD campus or department. 

Workshops are from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Soto Street Lab (Near the Local District 5 Offices) May 16, 19, or 26
Peary Delta Center (Near Peary Middle School) May 23
Valley Region Elementary #6, May 25

To fully benefit from this session, it is strongly recommended that you bring an iPad to use during the demonstration.

Grant Opportunities
Money Monday, filled with a wealth of grant resources, is published regularly on LACOE's Instructional Technology Outreach site. Access the latest edition by visiting  Click on LAUSD and login with guest as both the username and password.

Tech Gems
Flip Camera Alternatives
Now that Cisco has terminated the life of our beloved Flip Camcorder, what are the contenders for pocket video cameras? Here are two articles that mentions some worthy replacements:
12 Fabulous Alternatives to the Flip Camera in Education
Flip Alternatives: 5 Great Pocket Videos
How are educators using pocket video cameras in the classroom?
10 Uses of a Flip Video in Education
Forty Interesting Ways to Use Your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom

Digital Citizenship
Common Sense Media recently published an article on digital citizenship called, How Rude! Manners for the Digital Age While the target audience is parents, there are useful tips for educators to share with students as well.

Digital Media - Scoop It
ScoopIt allows you to create an attractive online display of web resources (like the InfoTech publication). Add news and RSS feeds and easily allow this tool to capture and curate resources that can then be used for research. This would be a great tools for students to use to gather resources from social media and news resources.

iPad Resources
I've recently updated my iPad site at I've also been bookmarking some amazing iPad resources lately. Check them out at You can sort the iPad resources by adding tags like "apps", article, or research.

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