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EdTech News for September 2010

Welcome, everyone, to the 2010 - 2011 school year. I look forward to working and learning with you in the coming school year. 
I am now an edtech ITAF, working with schools in Local District 5 and Local District 6. I am so happy that I am able to support you with educational technology in your classrooms and in your schools. Please let me know how I may support you.

Social Media Counts
This updated flash widget by Gary Hayes shows the continuing impact social media has on us. What impact does social media have on your students? How are we using social media to engage students in learning in new ways? After viewing the widget below, consider this: The Case for Social Media in Schools.

EdTech Leadership Meetings
Thanks to all of you who attended our EdTech Leadership Meetings throughout the past years. What an incredible way to learn from one another. We meet on the third Thursday of the month and share tips, tools, and effective learning strategies that each of us are using in classrooms and with staff.  I would very much like to continue meeting with all of you  For me, it's a learning opportunity like no other. Your expertise, leadership, and collegiality make this the most valuable professional development in which I participate. If you can volunteer your schools and your classrooms for our meetings, please fill out the form below.
Meetings that need a place:
November 18th, January 20th, February 17th, March 17th, May 19th

Please note that our meeting are from 4:00 to 5:15.  All are invited to attend! Please join us. Thanks in advance for volunteering. I'll email you!

Our meeting on October 21st has been changed to October 28th for Learning at Night with the K12 Conference at Humphreys Ave. (Please see below and I hope you can attend!)

K12 Online Conference LAN (Learning at Night) Party- Thursday, October 28th, Humphreys Ave. Elementary School
Hold the date for our first ever K12 Online Conference LAN Party on Thursday, October 28 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. We will watch and discuss exemplary presentations from the K12 Online Conference 2010, eat pizza, and learn from one another. The K12 Online Conference, the free annual online conference that takes totally online, will take place beginning the week of October 18th. We will make the best of these online workshops available for viewing and discussing together on the 28th. 
If you plan to attend, please fill out this form:

District News
Middle School Digital Citizenship Pilot Project -
Middle School Students - Deadline: Oct. 1, 20 schools will be selected

Common Sense Media is offering a free Digital Citizenship Curriculum to only 20 schools in the district. The curriculum will include support from common sense media, training materials, and a $100 stipend for participating teachers (up to 3 per school). If your school is interested, you can find more information by downloading the flyer:  http://drop.io/laedtech/asset/commonsense-cit-pdf 
The deadline for applying is October 1st. 

The Future Leaders' Summit -
High School Students - October 20th, 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. - Los Angeles Convention Center
The summit will provide a forum for students to learn about technology, careers, and higher education. The deadline for applying is October 7th. Since there are only 500 seats total available, it’s one of those opportunities that you want to work on right away. Each school can send up to 50 students.

Here’s a flyer with more information that you can share with those whom you think might be interested. http://drop.io/laedtech/asset/fls-invite-09-17-10-pdf If you have any questions, please contact me.

The Riordan Foundation Grant Opportunities
K-5 and K- 12
From Jessica Flores, president of the Riordan Foundation

The Riordan Foundation is having several grant awareness sessions to inform schools about our available grant opportunities. We will especially focus on  our SMART Classroom Technology Grant (K-12th Grade) and Classroom Library Grant (K-5th Grade).  Listed below are the dates.  More information can be found at www.riordanfoundation.org  We appreciate you sharing this information with the schools you work with. Riordan Foundation Grant Awareness Sessions

  • Thursday Sept. 23rd: RL Stevenson Middle School
  • Monday Sept. 27th: Mac Arthur Park Primary Center  
  • Wednesday Sept. 29th: Johnnie Cochran MS
  • Thursday Sept. 30th: New Millennium SS  
  • Monday Oct. 4th: Huntington Park EL  
  • Tuesday Oct. 5th: Broadway Elementary  
  • Wednesday Oct. 6th: Haddon EL  
  • Thursday Oct. 7th: Birmingham Charter School  
  • Tentative: Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School
Please visit http://www.riordanfoundation.org for details.
Professional Development
TELL Conference - October 9th 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m Fee: $35.00 - Awesome conference with top notch presenters and keynotes. Not one to miss!

LACOE's 21st Century Learners Symposium - October 15th, 7:30 - 3:30 - Cal State LA Fee: $110
Join LA County Educators for a day of learning at the 21st Century Learners Symposium. More details are on their website.

Computer Using Educators, Los Angeles Tech Fair - Saturday, November 13th, Culver City High School
This year's conference is called "Teaching at the Speed of Learning".  This is a great day of learning. Register today! If you plan on going to CUE in Palm Springs in March this year, sign up for the $55 CUE membership plus registration fee. This gives you CUE membership for only $20 and the conference for $35. What a deal!

Global Education Conference - November 15th - 19th This is the first ever Global Education Conference and will take place totally online. Collaborate and learn with educators from around the world. To find out more information, please visit the Global Education Conference website.

Grants and Funding
Money Monday by LACOE's Mike Leffin. Visit http://moodle.ito.lacoe.edu/consortia/ and click on LAUSD  with guest access to find the gran.

Items for FreeBay
Bell HS has some items they would like to offer to anyone who might need them. They are listed below. Thanks to Michiko Sakimoto for organizing these materials and offering them for those that might need them. If you have some technology related items like printer cartridges or other types of equipment that you no longer need, let me know and I will publish them here in this newsletter.

Epson inkjet cartridges available:
Blk S020191     400, 600, 800, 440, 460, 640, 660 ,670, 740, 760, 860, 1160, 2000, 2500
Cartridge Tri S020191 for 400, 600, 800, 440, 460, 640, 660 ,670, 740, 760, 860, 1160, 2000, 2500      
Cartridge S020189 for 740, 740i, 800, 800N, 850, 850N, 860, 1160, 1520
Cartridge S020108 for 520, 800, 850
Cartridge T044520 for C64, C66, C86, CX4600, CX6400, CX6600
Cartridge T020201 for 880
Cartridge S020089 for 400, 600, 800
Cartridge T0091201 for 1270, 1280
Cartridge S020110 for PHOTO, PHOTO EX, 700
Cartridge T048120 for R200, R220, R300, R320, R340, RX500, RX600, RX620
Cartridge T007201 for 780, 785 EPX, 825, 870, 875DC, 875DCS, 890, 900, 1270, 1280
Cartridge T005011 for 900, 900G, 980, 980N
 Toner (not inkjet) cartridges available:
Cartridge Canon (E-40) for 300, 310, 320, 325, 330L, 330, 530, 550, 770,        710, 720, 730, 740, 790
Cartridge HP-LJ- (06A) for      5L, 6L, 3100
Cartridge HP-LJ- (98X) (5) and (98a) (2)        for 4, 4 Plus, 4m, 4m Plus, 5, 5m, 5N
Cartridge Lexmark (13T0101) for E312, E312L, E310
Cartridge Lexmark (140198A) for Canon EP-E, HP LaserJet Series 4, 4 Plus, 5M, 5N
Cartridge Lexmark (1380520) for 4019, 4028, 4029
Cartridge Sharp (AL110TD) for   AL-1000, 1200, 1300, 1400,1500
Cartridge HP-LJ- (27A) for 4000, 4050
Cartridge HP-CJ-Q600A for 2600
Cartridge HP-CJ-Q7560A for 3000
Cartridge HP-CJ-75620A  for 3000
Cartridge HP-CJ-75630A  for 3000
Cartridge HP-CJ-75641A  for 3000
Cartridge Canon (L50)   for 1060, 1080F
Cartridge Xerox (106R584) for   WC Pro (412, 312)
Cartridge CANON (# unknown)     for ImageRunner 2200, 2800, 3300, 3320
Cartridge Brother OXBTN570 for HL 5140, 5150, 5170
Cartridge Brother (p6-201) for Fax-1010, 1020, 1030, 1170, 1270, 1570, MFC- 1770/1970/1780/1820
Cartridge Ricoh 1160 for Ricoh fax machine
Hewlett Packard inkjet cartridges (NOT for laser printers):
Cartridge #29A for Printer Models 600, 660, 670, 672, 680, 682, 690, 692, 693, 694, 695, 697
Cartridge #Tricolor 49A for 600, 660, 670, 672, 680, 682, 690, 692, 693, 694, 695, 697
Cartridge #Blk 14 for C5011D    ?
Cartridge #Tricolor 14 for C5011D       ?
Cartridge #Tricolor 41A for 820, 850, 855, 870, 1000
Cartridge #04A for              ?
Cartridge #11 for 10, 20, 50, 70, 100, 110, 120
Cartridge #C1816A       for 690, 692, 693, 694
Cartridge #Tricolor C1823A for 720, 722, 890
Cartridge #96 for 5740, 5940, 6520, 6540, 6620, 6830, 6840, 6940, 6980,
100 for 460, 5520, 6540, 6830, 6840, 9800
Cartridge #99 for C4280, C5280, D4145, D4155, D4160, 5440, 5740, 6620, 6830, 6840, 6940, 6980, 9800, 5940, 6520, 6540
Miscellaneous Items
17 Dell Flat Panel All in One Stands - (Work on the PlayStation 2 as well)
Mac-formatted 3-1/2" floppy disks

Logitech Media Keyboards, PS/2, includes USB adapter
Tech Gems
A New Way to Lecture - a great booklet full of web 2.0 tools that will help you engage students in new ways to interact and engage with learning in the classroom.

Prezi for Education - One of the tools mentioned in the A New Way to Lecture booklet, Prezi now has an education account that both teachers and students can use to create and share amazing, interactive presentations created with Prezi.

Free Technology for Teachers blog by Richard Bryne - This blog is full of great free tools that teachers can use in the classroom.  Very frequently, Richard updates his blog with new tech gems that all will enjoy using. Subscribe with your Google RSS feed reader and never miss a post!

Free Physics Posters - The American Physical Society will mail two free physics posters to your school.

Contact Information
Janice Stearns
Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator (ITAF),
Educational Technology Branch, ITD, LAUSD
E-mail: janice.stearns (at) lausd.net

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