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EdTech News for March 2009

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Here is the Local District 6 EdTech News for March 2009.


Infotech 2009!
Please have your students participate in this outstanding opportunity!
via John Lendhardt, EdTech ITAF

There is still time to register for InfoTech 2009!

You are invited to the 13th annual InfoTech. The theme this year is “Expanding Student Learning.” InfoTech 2009 will take place Saturday, April 25, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

LAUSD’s Educational Technology is once again partnering with the Parent Collaborative’s Parent Summit and the entire school community is invited to both events! InfoTech 2009 will consist of student showcases and displays from a variety of technology providers.

Teachers throughout LAUSD are expanding student learning through the innovative use of instructional technology. Across subject areas and grade levels, teachers are engaging students with video conferencing, podcasting, interactive white boards, student response devices, computer animation, Web-based applications, and collaborative tools.

Don't miss this opportunity to see over 90 showcases where teachers and students share their innovative use of technology to expand learning.

Teachers interested in participating in the Student Showcase can register online.

For more information and to register, visit:

For more information on the Parent Summit, visit

Acer K-12 Seed Unit Program
Try out a Acer Aspire 1 for 30 days then return it or purchase it at a special reduced price. This might be a good way to test drive the potential of netbooks for our classrooms.

Digital Voice Awards - Entry Deadline - March 31st
Do you have some great multimedia student projects? Enter them into LACOE's Digital Voice Awards. Submit your project to showcase your student work. Entry submission deadline is March 31st.

Tech Gems

An application for creating flashcards, created by MIT student Andrew Sutherland, when he was 15 years old. It's a fantastic studying tool that has collaborative features that make it engaging and powerful. To find out more about this great tool for students, listen to the recent interview with Andrew Sutherland on the Seedlings show #55. It's a great insight into a young man who used his creativity and imagination to create a tool that is used by thousands. This is a great tool and podcast to share with your students.
This tool is a collection of custom Google Searches for social networks, wikis, social bookmarks, books, and many other web 2.0 tools. This would be a great way to do targeted searches for information.

Into the Book Grades K-4
via Bob Sprankle on his recent HotChalk article:

Developed by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and experienced educators, "Into the Book" centers on the eight research-based strategies for reading comprehension: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluating, and Synthesizing.
This looks like a good tool for K-4 students. Before you try it out, read Bob's article at HotChalk that clearly explains how the site works.

Note This in Google Reader
A new tool integrated in Google Reader lets you share just about any item on a webpage by using the new Notes feature. Drag the "Note This" bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and use it to collect and annotate webpages. This collection can then be shared in various ways. To learn more, visit Cheryl Davis's Learning Almanac section entitled, "Note This!".
Share your presentations online and even add audio and (YouTube) video. Uploaded presentations can then be embedded in websites, blogs, wikis, or shared via web address.
My recent submission on SocialBookmarks was recently featured on the Education section of Slideshare.

From the TechChick Tips Episode 51 Podcast

Science Buddies
Students fill out a questionnaire on their interests and focus and this site returns science fair projects suggestions. This is a great way to have students generate ideas for creating projects tailored to their needs and interests. It has useful sections for teachers and for parents also.

Internet ClipBoard

Have you ever just wanted to quickly share a set of files, urls, and pictures with your students? This tool, which requires no log in, allows you to quickly set up a page of resources to share. This could be very useful!

This website, geared for younger readers, has articles of interest for K-5 students. It includes categories in each tabbed section: News, Sites, and Earth, with different ways to read and interact with news. The site encourages submissions from students as well.

These are just a few of the amazing finds from The Tech Chicks, Ana and Helen. Check out their podcast and website for more great resources.

Contact Information
Janice Stearns
Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator (ITAF),
LAUSD Local District 6, Office of Instruction
Phone: (323)278-4903
E-mail: janice.stearns (at)

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