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February 2009 EdTech News - Updated 2.19.09

Hello All,

Here is the latest scoop in the EdTech world at Local District 6.

Table of Contents
  1. LD6 EdTech Leadership Cadre Meetings
  2. News and Events
  3. Professional Development
  4. Technology Gems
LD6 EdTech Leadership Cadre Meetings
Thanks to all who attended our January EdTech meeting. We set up professional learning blogs on Blogger and talked about how we could use them in the classroom.
This Thursday, Feb. 19th, we will work on setting up classroom blogs for students, using 21Classes. This online blogging portal seems to be the best overall choice for classroom blogs, K-12. If you won't be able to attend the meeting, there's a great tutorial available for creating a 21classes account published by the Intel Teach Program that you can read or print for reference.
Tutorial for 21Classes.com
Also, below is a great video I found online that shows how to set up student accounts:

We'll also talk about news and upcoming events. Also, if you are coming to the meeting, please bring one cool tool to share with all of us. Please join us from 4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. at Local District 6
3rd floor conference room
5800 S. Eastern
Commerce, CA

Delicious pizza, soda, and candy will be served to give you that extra kick you need after teaching all day...

Upcoming Meetings (3rd Thurday of the month):
Feb. 19th, March 19th, April 16th, May 21st

News and Events

Ed21 unConference - Feb. 21st, 2009 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
This Saturday, join us for a discussion on change in our schools. We want to begin to answer the question, "What does it mean to be well educated?" For more details, see my recent blog post. You can join us face to face or online at http://edtechtalk.com/live (starting at 8:30 a.m.).

CUE Conference - March 5-7 Palm Springs, CA

One of the finest edtech conferences in the nation will take place in several weeks in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. If you are going to attend, please come say hi at the CUELA reception on Friday night. Maybe we can all get together and share our experiences before we go back home.
If you can afford one more day in Palm Springs, on Wednesday, March 4th, the EdubloggerCon will be happening. I might be driving down and back for this event, so if someone would like to join me, please let me know. This event is a great way to network with other passionate educators as we learn together how to best engage our students.

Infotech 2009 - Saturday, April 25th - LA Convention Center - 9:00 a.m. - 12: 00 p.m.
This year, LAUSD's student led conference will showcase student work from across the district. We hope you will consider bringing your students to showcase the wonderful projects they are doing in your classrooms that use technology as a tool for learning. This is a great way for all teachers to learn from one another by visiting with classrooms who are sharing their learning. Please register you and your students on the website.


K-12 Vouchers
All LD6 schools turned in their K-12 Voucher request before the January 31st deadline. That means that all schools will be in Phase 1 of the delivery from AeryJones, beginning soon. Please have areas where equipment is to be set up prepared. AeryJone will deliver equipment, set it up, and dispose of all packing materials.
If schools want to take advantage of the great packages available through the voucher program, those packages will still be available for a short time for purchase through school funds. Download descriptions and spreadsheet forms from http://edtech.lausd.net/voucher

For Secondary Students:
UCLA Engineering Science Corp Outreach Program is offering several great opportunities for secondary students.
TakeTwo Video
From their website:

How to Turn a Teenager Into a Global Citizen

  1. Provide professionally shot conflict-zone footage free of charge to high school and college students in the USA and across the globe.

  2. Support them in creating documentaries, shorts, and Public Service Announcements - encouraging them to understand and empathize with their subjects.

  3. Encourage them to take their projects on the road –acquiring valuable leadership skills while educating a broader public on issues of global significance.

Participating schools will complete one small task to help grow Take 2’s infrastructure and undertake at least one advocacy event upon completion of their projects.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help our students make a difference in the world.

World Math Day - March 4th
Students - ages 5 -18- can register for online math questions and fun - competing against students from around the world. Each game lasts 60 seconds, and students can play as many games as they want. This is great opportunity for students to have fun with math. Register soon for this great event.
World Math Day Video Contest Deadline via TeacherTube for Submission Feb. 20th
Students film themselves preparing for the Math Day Contest and submit it for voting. This contest is almost over, but it might be great to look at videos to get an idea of how to approach this next year!
Doodle4Google Art Contest - Registration Deadline - March 17
Again this year, K-12 students are invited to submit their designs for the Google Home Page Logo with the theme of "What I Wish for the World". Check the Prizes page for details on what students and schools recieve for winning entries. The Grand Prize winner has their entry appear as the Google HomePage logo for an entire day.
This is a fun, authentic project for students.

Professional Development

LACOE, in partnership with LAUSD, is offering 3 levels of CTAP Technology Academies for educators; Level 1 (Beginning), Level 2 (Intermediate), and iTELL (Integrating for English Language Learners).
Participants must be full-time LAUSD teachers or administrators and must be off-track (or on vacation) in order to attend.. There will be no provision for allowing attendees who are currently on-track or working regular time. Participants will receive free registration, course materials, a flash drive and $400.00 compensation upon completion of the Academy. Level 2 Academy participants are eligible to receive 2 salary points. For more information, dates, and locations of the academies, please visit http://ito.lacoe.edu/workshops/
The LACOE/CTAP website also has listing for other classes they offer on using technology as a tool in the classroom.

Ed Tech Workshops – Earn More Salary Credit
LAUSD Certificated Staff seeking further opportunities to earn salary credit as they learn more about ways to engage students using technology can request courses from Ed Tech Workshops at http://www.edtechworkshops.com/ in order to accomplish that goal. Alternatively, teachers can contact David Boin at (818) 785-0164 or david.boin @ edtechworkshops.com.

Tech Gems

A great site geared for middle school students that will appeal to older and younger students alike about how to deal with online harrassment - especially texting and chatting. Cute sock puppets explore problems like text harrassment, pic pressure, rumors, and when friends need help. I love the Callout Cards that can be printed or posted as gentle reminders to offenders of text and chat good behavior.

High definition quality videos on science topics. Great resource for free.

This awesome website allows you to record and then embed audio recordings on the web. You can also share a link to the audio recording. You can do all this without registering, just by simply visiting the website. Teachers are using this in many creative ways to share audio of students with parents and a larger audience. Here's a sample:

Printable Checklist
Sometimes, you just need a quick and easy way to create and print a checklist. This is it!

One of my favorite sources of online content is the EdTechTalk Channel of the World Bridges Network. Educators webcast on different nights of the week on different programs. I usually don't have time to participate live, but I subscribe to the podcast and listen on my commute. If you have time to participate live, it's quite an experience. Check their calendar and join in!
A few of my favorite shows include:
It's Elementary - All about using edtech in the elementary classroom. The show's cohost, Mr. Jose Rodriguez, teaches at Humphreys Elementary School in LAUSD
Women of Web 2.0 - This show has wonderful guests and rich conversation every two weeks.
EdTech Weekly - The co-hosts on this show share cool tools and news for the week.

I hope to see you at this week's meeting!

Contact Information
Janice Stearns
Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator (ITAF),
LAUSD Local District 6, Office of Instruction
Phone: (323)278-4903
E-mail: janice.stearns (at) lausd.net

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