Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer Learning

For those of you on summer break, I hope you are enjoying a well deserved break, refreshed and ready to face another exciting year. For those of you already in the classroom, I hope your year has started well.
I wanted to share some of the wonderful learning opportunities available for your listening and reading pleasure this summer. Grab your iPod (or other .mp3 player) and enjoy!

Free AudioBook Download - The World is Flat
Get it while you can! From now until August 4th, you can download a free audio copy of The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. The New York Times columnist is offering this free download of his bestseller book in preparation of debuting his new book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Building Learning Communities Podcasts
In mid July, the Building Learning Communities Conference, hosted by Alan November's group, took place in Massachusetts. This is a small, very intense conference focused on student learning, using technology as a tool. Bob Sprankle, an educator from Maine, has taken the time to record and publish the very best from that conference at his blog and Podcast site, Bit by Bit.
Included in the collection is his very own BLC presentation, Podcasting with Purpose, and the following:
Podcast 67 - Ewan McIntosh's Keynote "Not All Native Wit: From Creativity to Ingenuity"
Podcast 68 - Alan November - "Teaching Zack Webliteracy"
Podcast 69 - John Davitt - "Setting Learning Free - The Difference Engine Runs Again"
Podcast 70 - Joyce Valenza - "Web 2.0 Meets Information Fluency: Designing Projects for 21st Century Learners"
Podcast 71 - Dr. Pedro Noguera's Keynote - "Changing the Culture of Schools: Creating Conditions that Promote Student Achievement"
Podcast 72 - Darren Kuropatwa and Clarence Fischer - "Everything New is Old Again"
Podcast 73 - Follow up to Ewan McIntosh's Keynote
Seedling Podcast #33 - Reflections on BLC

All of these sessions are quality learning opportunities. Thanks to Bob and the Building Learning Communities Conferences for making thse available for us. Subscribe to Bob Sprankle's Bit by Bit podcast and read his blog for some quality summer learning.
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NECC Podcasts and Video Streaming

The National Education Computing Conference has published their podcasts and their video stream to share their conferernce, which took place in San Antonio, Texas in late June, early July.

My Shared Reading
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Please enjoy the warm sunshine and the abundance of quality learning opportunities!

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