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September 2006 Instructional Technology News

Welcome Instructional Technology Leaders,
Here's the news about instructional technology in District 6 for September 2006:

Table of Contents:
  1. Instructional Technology Leadership Meetings
  2. Important Announcements, Links, and Updates
  3. Professional Development Opportunities
  4. Grants and Funding
  5. Technology Gems
  6. Contact Information
Instructional Technology Leadership Meetings
  • Our first meeting of the year will be on Thursday, September 21st, at San Miguel Elementary, from 3:45 - 5:15. During this meeting, we will discuss how we can promote the use of instructional technology in our schools and with our colleagues. We will work together to focus on what are your needs and expected outcomes for our future meetings. Please attend and invite all who are interested to attend. It would be wonderful to have representatives from every school attend so we could promote communication across feeder schools. Of course, pizza, candy, and other assorted health food will be provided. I hope to see you there.
  • Future meetings will be held on the third Thursday of the month, except December and June. All meetings are from 3:45 - 5:15. Please volunteer your school to host one of our upcoming meetings:October 19th, November 16th, January 18th, February 15th, March 15th, April 19th, May 17th - SouthEast High School.

Important Announcements, Links, and Updates

New Central ITAF
  • Paul Burns will be joining our team as the new Central ITAF in support of Local District 6. Please join me in welcoming him to our team. You can meet him at our upcoming meeting on September 21st.
  • Paul and I will be visiting every school in District 6 in the next few months. We will be meeting with your principal to discuss how we can support instructional technology at your school. We would like to visit your classrooms during our visit. Please contact me for more information.
Best Practices Podcast
  • All of you are doing outstanding work with your students. We want to highlight that wonderful work in a new District 6 podcast about Best Practices in the Classroom. We would like to interview you and your students about the work you are doing, especially using technology as a tool. If you are interested in participating, please contact me.
College and Career Prep Resource for Middle and High School Students
  • University of California College Prep Online offers free test prep for SAT/ACT. Also, the free online registration allows students to explore careers and their related college prep requirements, in addition to California colleges that offer courses related to that career. It also enables students to find out and track which courses offered at their school will help them reach their career goals. Try it out by completing the free online registration. Users must be 13 years of age or older to register. If you are a middle school teacher, you might want to explore this resource as a group activity.
  • The E-Pals contract ends this school year. Email solutions that differ from the present are being considered for both teachers and students. What are your preferences and/or recommendations? Please leave a comment on this blog, bring your comments to our upcoming meeting, or contact me.
EdTechProfile Survey
  • It is very important to encourage ALL educators at your school to complete the EdTech Profile online. This needs to be updated at least once per school year. The best time to do this is at the beginning of the school year. Various state and federal funding programs are related to the completion of this survey.
Professional Development Opportunities
  • CUELA Conference Saturday, October 28th
    Computer-Using Educators of Los Angeles (CUELA) and California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) Region 11 at the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) will hold the 2006 Technology Fair, a hands-on instructional technology event for educators throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. (Among the many presenters will be a Web 2.0 hands-on workshop offered by Youssef Elias and me.) Register now! This is a great conference.
    Check out LAUSD's Learning Zone for great classes offered free to you. You can earn salary points for these courses. You need to be within the firewall to register for these courses.
  • LACOE's CTAP Workshops
    These workshops are offered at a nominal fee (usually $25.00 and well worth it) and are a wonderful opportunity to learn new technologies.
  • K-12 Online Conference - Unleashing the Potential Oct. 23-27 and Oct. 30- Nov. 3
    This free, online conference will be an exciting opportunity to learn about Web 2.0 technologies and how they can impact student learning. An outstanding team of educators from around the world will bring this conference to you completely online. A call for proposal submissions is online now. I will be attending this conference, not only to learn from experts, but also to see how this new conference format works. Come join in the fun. The web is changing our educational options in exciting new ways!
  • CUE Conference - Sharing the Summit - March 1-3, Palm Springs, CA
    Early-bird registration is now open for one of the best technology conferences in the United States- The California Computer Using Educators Conference! Mark your calendar and complete your registration early! I hope to see you there.
  • NECC 2007 - June 25th - 27th - Atlanta, Georgia
    Registration for the National Education Computing Conference will be open this month. Last year was my first time attending, and it was outstanding. What a great opportunity to network with people from all over the world and learn from the best!
Grants and Funding
  • As I find grant opportunities, I have been bookmarking them in our community social bookmarking resource at Del.icio.us. Find them here. Please add to the list if you know of any others. (If you don't have the username and password for our del.icio.us account, please contact me.)
  • Also, if you know about anyone in our local district who has been awarded a grant for funding technology projects, please let me know. I would like to announce them here.
  • One I know about is: Carlos Gomez, San Miguel Ave. Elementary
    He was awarded the CTAP grant last spring, and is working with his students on a water conservation project. Congratulations, Mr. Gomez!

Technology Gems
  • Google News Archive Search
    Google now has an archive search that will allow you to explore news archives for the past 200 years. An added feature is the ability to see the news you search in timeline form. This is another rich resource from Google that has so much potential for classroom use!
  • The new beta Blogger
    If you are reading this on my blog, you will notice the new design changes that Google has added to their free blogging tool. They have made if very easy to add page and design elements with just the push of a button. If you want to start a professional type educator blog, this tool is very easy to use. Also, Edublogs is a wonderful tool for educator professional blogs.
Contact Information

Janice Stearns
ITAF, LAUSD Local District 6, Office of Instruction
Phone: (323)278-4903
E-mail: janice.stearns(at)lausd.net

Paul Burns
ITAF, Instructional Technology Branch
Phone: (213) 219-0836
E-mail: paul.burns(at)lausd.net

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