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Technology News for May 2006

These are the updates for District 6 Technology News for May 2006
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  1. Upcoming Technology Cadre Meetings
  2. EdTech Profile
  3. Professional Development Opportunities
  4. District 6 Technology Vendor Fair
  5. Technology Gems

1. Upcoming Technology Cadre Meetings
We have two upcoming meetings:
  • Thursday, May 18th, South East High School 3:45 - 5:15
    Agenda: Digital Library, Planning and Articulation, News and Announcements
    If you would like to add to the agenda, please let me know. Thanks to Devery Rodgers, Technology Coordinator at South East HS, for hosting our meeting at SouthEast HS.
  • Monday, June 5th, Nimitz Middle School 3:45 - 5:45
    Our second Technology Leaders Virtual Symposium will be on ISIS (Integrated Student Information Systems). Please invite anyone at your school who would like some input about ISIS to attend this meeting. Since Elementary schools will be joining ISIS in the very near future, this will be applicable to all schools. Please download the flyer here to distribute at your schools.
I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. Thanks to those who have attended our meetings this year. I really appreciate your support and passion for using technology as a tool in education.

2. Ed Tech Profile
The EdTech Profile needs to be completed by 100% of certificated staff at each school site, according to LAUSD Bulletin 550, dated 10/14/2003. In Local District 6, there are only 8 schools that have at least an 80% completion rate. State and federal funding for technology is related to the completion of this survey. Please emphasize to your staff the importance of completing this survey. Go to: to complete the survey. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me.

3. Professional Development Opportunities

Check Learning Zone for upcoming courses. Remember that you need to be logged in to Inside LAUSDnet within LAUSD's firewall in order to access Learning Zone.

LACOE's Instructional Technology Outreach Program
Los Angeles County Office of Education is offering many great classes over the next several months for a small fee. If you are interested in taking some classes to learn to use technology as a tool in education, browse their website. You can download a coupon for a selected free class from the last page of their brochure. Please also check their main website for other educational events, such as the Digital Multimedia Workshop, Technology Academies, and Digital Voice Uncut, a celebration of recent grant recipients.

LAUSD's Thacher Summer Institutes
July 9 -14
LAVA (Los Angeles Virtual Academy)
Secondary instructors interested in offering online courses for students should consider this week long course at Thacher in Ojai. Also offered at Thacher is an online course development module, where participants develop online course material for classes. For more information, refer to this brochure.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Module 1 and Module 2
For information regarding this training, please refer to this flyer.
Physical Education Training
Secondary and Elementary school teachers are invited to attend this week long institute to learn the components of a strong Physical Education program. Please see linked flyers for more details. If there are any questions, please contact me. High School, Middle School, Elementary School

July 16 - 21 or July 23 - 28
CaMSP Science Leadership Institute II - SUMMER 2006
There are a few more openings for interested 4th - 8th grade science teachers to attend the week long Science Leadership Institute at Thacher to develop quality science standards-based instruction using technology as a tool. Please see this flyer for more details.

District 6 Technology Vendor Fair
Thanks to all of you who made our vendor fair such a success. We really appreciate all your support. Thanks also to Joe Oliver, Director of Instructional Technology, John Rivera, ITAF for Local District 5, and Cliff Bender, ITAF for Local District 4 for attending. Our hosts at Bell, Tom, Michiko, and Roman were outstanding. Also, a special thanks to all those who arrived early and stayed late to help us with the fair.
Many attendees filled out an online survey to help us better plan the fair for next year. Your valuable input is really appreciated.

Technology Gems
This month, there are several technology gems I would like to share with you.

Free USB Thermometers

Vernier is giving away one free USB Thermometer to every school in the United States in honor of their 25th anniversary. Read this blog post from the Tech Savvy Educator for more information on how to get this very useful tool.

Cookin' with Google
...not exactly educational, but teachers are creative with tools. Enter items from your refrigerator and let Google search find recipes for you to cook. Students could analyze the nutritional value of meals. :-)

NASA Kid's Club
From U Tech Tips (on the side bar of this blog) comes a link for NASA Kid's Club, an interactive website for grades K-5 that has many features about space exploration. I especially like the spin-offs page on level 4, that demonstrates product spin-offs from space inventions. This could be used in the 5th grade Open Court Space unit.

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